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 Colonial Times
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General History Links

 History Online
 Biography.com- search over 20,000 biographies
 Social Studies for Kids
 The History Net
 The History Place
 The History Channel
 Dorling Kindersley History Site
 Today in History
 Kidsclick- Biographies, history and good enrichment site to search


 The World of the Vikings
 Briese-Bane Vikings Information Center
 Viking Heritage
 Viking Theme Page
 The Viking Network - Music, information on daily life, and online projects
Viking Quest

 The Battle of Hastings - Complete description of the battle and more.
 Viking Resources and Links

Medieval Times

 Medieval Fiefdom
The Battle of Hastings
- Complete description of the battle and more.
 Ian's Land of Castles - very good castle information with other links
 Annenberg exhibits collection - life, clothing, food, defense and more
 Knights, Chivalry, and Tournaments - good information. 
Castles for Kids
 Glossary of terms and armor
 Ardor Armor Library - information on construction and pictures of armor
 Medieval Maps - maps of Europe during the Middle Ages
 Arsenal of Graz -Castle's arsenal with weapons and armor
 The Castles of Wales - information and pictures
 Medieval Life -life in a medieval castle
 Castle Quest -post questions by clicking the quest button
 Ghosts in the Castle - fun site that lets you explore a castle
 Life in the Middle Ages - covers all aspects of daily life
 Wichamstow - life in a Medieval town. Visit the craftsmen's houses.
 Jester Net - info. on court jesters
Medieval Times in Europe
Medieval Jobs
Castles of Britain
How to Build a Castle  

Kids Castle
- Castles description of parts
Castle - facts from Factmonster
- facts from Factmonster
Snayfwickby Castle

Medieval Weapons
- Nova Online
Medieval World
- Kings, Farmers and warfare
Knight Quest

Realms of the Middle Ages
- Knights, Nuns, Merchants, Peasants
The Feudal System

The Manor of Drengham
-  Highlights what daily life was like in the Medieval Age. Follow the links at the bottom for additional topics.
TimeRef- information about kings, abbeys, castles, cathedrals, and more
Build a Castle - Instructions and templates

The Renaissance

  Leonardo DiVinci
 Renaissance Links -links to people of the Renaissance and general information
 The Reformation
 Webmuseum- Le Renaissance


 Vasco Balboa - Biography
 Vasco Nunez de Balboa
 John Cabot
 More John Cabot
 John Cabot - encyclopedia
 John & Sebastian Cabot -
 Jacques Cartier
 Cartier - Biography
 Samuel de Champlain -
 Champlain -
 More Champlain -

 Christopher Columbus Index - many links to all aspects of Columbus.
 Columbus - Biography
 Columbus Voyages - Click voyages at bottom of pages
 Francisco Coronado

 Coronado   -
 Coronado's Exploration -
 Coronado's Life -
 Hernando Cortes  - Conquest of the Aztec
 Cortes - Conquistadors - PBS.org
 Hernan Cortez

 Cortez and the Aztec
 Da Vaca - Conquistadors - PBS.org (click on picture)
Da Vaca
 Ponce de Leon
 Juan Ponce de Leon

 Dias -
 Sir Francis Drake -
 Leif Ericson -
 Leif Erikson - Biography
 Henry Hudson - Accomplishments
 Henry Hudson's Explorations
Henry Hudson -
 LaSalle - Biography
 More LaSalle -
 LaSalle Expedition
 Ferdinand Magellan
 Pizarro - Conquest of the Incas
 Francisco Pizarro -
 Pizarro Life

 Francisco Pizarro
 Amerigo Vespucci -
 Vespucci - Biography
 Vespucci -
More European Explorers- 
Voyage of Exploration - all explorers and more - Thinkquest site.
 Zoom Explorers - Alphabetical List - Click on letters
 Mariner's Museum -explorer and navigation information

 Discover's Web - all explorers
 Age of Exploration - Scroll down for complete list of all explorers



 The Reformation Guide -Biographies of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and more
 The Reformation -primary sources and biographies
 Plimoth Plantation
 The Mayflower
 The Mayflower Compact
 The Pilgrims and Plymouth Plantation
 The First Thanksgiving - interactive site with many activities

Colonial Life

Colonial Williamsburg - Good resources on colonial life. Click History Explorer.
 New Netherland- history and overview
 Delaware History - early history
 Pennsylvania- colonial history
 13 Originals - Much information on the 13 original colonies
 Colonial Region Resources
 Colonial Times - pictures and info. click photo gallery
 Colonial Trades - many different trades

 Life in Colonial America
 Colonial Education
 Colonial Weaver
 Colonial Glassblower
 Colonial Blacksmith

 Jamestowne Society
 Jamestown Webquest - Good resources at the bottom

 18th Century Colonial Trades - Silversmith, Brickmaker, Wigmaker, Blacksmith
 Children in Colonial Times - Daily life of children
 Colonial African-American Life

 Biographies of Colonial Personalities
 Colonial America Resources - including the Revolution
 Liberty or Loyalty


The Revolution

 The Town Crier - Great site for posting questions about American history.
 The French and Indian War
 Timeline of events- The History Place
 History Central - Causes and Battles of the revolution. Biographies.
 Virtual Tour of the American Revolution - Timelines, Phila., Battles, Events

 Archiving Early America - Use search or enter the world of early America.
 Revolutionary War.com - Good site with some good links.
 Valley Forge - Great pictures and other artifacts.
 Liberty - Web site from PBS in conjunction with the documentary "Liberty" (Very Good Site!!!)
 World Almanac for Kids - Causes, battles, key events of the Revolution
 Revolutionary War - History Central: Timelines, Causes, Battles
 American Revolution References - Timelines, battles, events

 The Battle of Guilford Courthouse
 The Battle of Monmouth
 The Battle of King's Mountain
 The Siege of Charleston
 The Battle of Cowpens
 The Battle of Yorktown
 The Battle of Trenton
 The Battle of Germantown

 The Battle of Bennigton
 The Battle of Lexington
 The Battle of Concord
 The Battle of Oriskany
 The Battle of Brandywine

 The Battles of Saratoga 
 The Siege of Fort Mifflin
 Treaty of Paris
 Flags of the American Revolution
 Liberty Kids- PBS Series- click "Liberty Archives" to find who, what, where
 USHistory.org - Major people, events, acts and laws (click drop-down menu)
 Timeline of the Revolutionary War
 Conflict in Boston


The Constitution

 National Archives
 U.S. Constitution
 The Constitution -What's That? -Questions and sites about the formation of the constitution.

Teacher Resources

  Mr. Donn's Resource Page - The best all round site. Tons of lessons, activities and resources.
 Social Studies Lessons and Resources - online activities and lesson plans
 American Revolution - Lesson plans
 American Revolution Lesson plans

 Resources and Lessons for Explorers
 Lessons and ideas for Medieval Times
 HyperHistory - Graphics, timelines, lifelines and more

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